Ultimate Guide To Men’s Skin Care

Men don't take care of their skin - why is this?

Seriously, it's not till we start developing problems that we even give it much consideration

We use harsh HAND soap (designed for tougher skin) on our faces. We run a razor blade daily across our face cutting a layer of skin off!

Hell, I even remember using gasoline to wash my hands (to my credit - I did not use it on my face!). We take better care of our automobiles and houses than we do of the protective vehicle and home that we wear 24/7.

Think about it - your skin makes up 5% of your body weight but protects 100% of everything within it.

It keeps essential moisture in, when needed pushes waste and moisture out, and overall plays a vital part in regulating your health. Yet we treat it for granted until we reach a point where it either unrepairable, surgery is required, or live with painful issues that could have been avoided.

Your skin is more complex than you think!